Blast from the past

Welcome to my resurrected blog. For about 8 years from 2008 to 2016, I kept a somewhat regular blog covering a range of topics. Mostly tech and photography, but also some personal topics. I was working for a pretty shitty company at that time that burned me out on technology, so I just quit posting on the blog and finally gave it up. Your late 40s also suck from a “getting old” standpoint. Most studies suggest your 40s are when you’re the least happy in your life and I can confirm it was a moody time.

Fast forward a few years and things are better. I work someplace I believe in. I’ve rekindled my passion for technology. And I’ve worked to get better on both old hobbies (photography) and new (music). And your 50s are definitely a better life phase.

I’ll start back up sharing on about anything I feel like writing down. This isn’t a corporate blog or sponsored in any way. These are my personal opinions on a range of topics. No one pays me a dime and this will be a labor of love, for a truly enjoy writing. So hold onto your butts. Things are about to get interesting…

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